maandag 14 maart 2011

the mariner's revenge song

last year, i made a book about a song called 'from my own true love (lost at sea)' by the decemberists. it was for an assignment about paper, and you can see the results here.
I do have to say, this song wasn't my first choice. i wanted to do a different one but it was eight minutes long and had a lot of text, and i simply didn't have the time to do that and feel good about it. so i compromised.
but this year i listened to my first choice again and decided to just make that book anyway, in my spare time. i worked on it between assignments and managed to print and bind it just in time to see them play here in antwerp, so i could give it to them. so here are a few images from the book i've wanted to make since last year, the mariner's revenge song:

I forgot to take pictures of the book and now i gave it away, but i'll take those as soon as i've made a second copy.

here is a video of the band playing the song:

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