woensdag 29 april 2009

rice and dogs

my class ended earlier than usual today, so i felt adventurous and tried to make a nice dessert for my beloved family. i don't know exacly HOW, but i managed to turn very nice things like rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon into something that tasted so foul i can still taste it after having chinese food and brushing my teeth. needless to say, my family had to have nice healthy strawberries for dessert and i made the evidence disappear down the drain... so instead of posting photos of people hungrily devouring the great stuff i made, i'll post some drawings of dogs i've been doing as research for our final assignment this year:

the drawings are pretty small, but i had to take photos of them anyway since my scanner started coughing at me as soon as i switched it on.

vrijdag 24 april 2009

loney dear

how to hold a ball of light, step one.

loney dear at botanique rotonde in brussels, april 21st

for the ones who don't know this: if you click the photo, you get a way larger version.

loney dear

loney dear at botanique rotonde in brussels, april 21st.

loney dear

loney dear at botanique rotonde, 21st of april.

donderdag 23 april 2009


after all this video stuff, time to post some more drawings! we went to the antwerp zoo today, to sketch 'big animals'. i mainly focused on felines (it's wonderful to see how much their behaviour resembles ordinary housecats...)

dinsdag 21 april 2009

loney dear in brussels

yesterday i went to see the amazing emil aka loney dear at the great botanique in brussels. i took a load of pictures, but since it takes some time to go through all of them and pick the best ones out, i won't be able to post them before friday afternoon. to ease the wait, here' a video of the show, recording a 'people sing along-moment':

it's very dark of course, but the sound quality is allright... even though you hear a lot of my own (bad) singing.

hardcover book

tadaa! the first hardcover book i ever made! it took me about two hours to cut, fold and glue everything... the result has a few flaws, but nothing awfully wrong.

this was made for an illustration assignment on a dream we had.

zaterdag 18 april 2009

dent may birthday present

sorry for the lack of updates right now, i don't have much new stuff to show...

here's something very nice my friend mikael fixed for me:

he saw dent may perform in oslo, handed him a comic i made and asked for a birthday song. my birthday is about two weeks away, but thanks anyway!

dinsdag 14 april 2009

babylon circus

i'm sorry for the silence lately, but i have a visitor staying at my house. expect a lot of updates in a day or two!

this is a sketch i made in brussels today, where the band babylon circus was playing a nice live show on the street.

maandag 6 april 2009


i finally got this finished! been working on it since december. i still think the last panel needs something extra, the atmosphere of the overall comic is right, but that very last picture just feels a bit too empty. i was also thinking of adding a few basic colors.

here's the song itself, again, a very nice video:

zaterdag 4 april 2009

dent may and his magnificent ukulele

way to go for a first drawing in a new sketchbook!

this is inspired by a picture of dent may, a boy with giant glasses and a ukulele who makes some nice music. it doesn't really look like him but that wasn't my intention, i just wanted to play with colored pencils again.

the music he makes sounds like this:

vrijdag 3 april 2009

clap your hands

i had to take a picture because my scanner seems to be on strike again. don't know what i do wrong to him... anyway, these are just some hand sketches- i need to practise stuff like that a bit more.

donderdag 2 april 2009

100 posts!

in about five months...

anyway, this is a very quick drawing i just finished, inspired by the song i am john by loney dear:

i did half of it during history of graphic design (baaad) and finished it at home.

here's the video to the song, which is very nice too:

drawing at the waterside

what are the usual weather conditions close to water? windy.
what do you get when you combine paper and wind? flying paper.
what do you get when you add an annet who is not paying attention to her stuff for a second? a drawing flying to the open water.
what do you get when you add some friendly dutch guys with a bucket on a rope to this situation? one drawing saved, with minor damages (hooray for waterproof inks) and some nice pollution details (watch the brown smears! it smells nice too..)

thanks to the helpful guys! this was a great warm sping afternoon anyway. my face even got a hint of color!

and just to annoy all the other people working their ass off right now: a picture of my cat, in his usual position.