zaterdag 27 december 2008

family photos

'we are going to turn bert into a girl!'

family photos

i'm not too sure about what my mother was trying to say here, but judging by the look on her face it was something about scared violin players.

family photos

cesar is an uncle, and a very proud one.

family photos

charlie rose arrived!

christmas parties make people talk to still objects.

family photos

i don't know either, so don't ask.

yours truly, desperately trying to maintain a spark of elegance when being photographed.

family photos


whoever said my mother and i are nothing alike was WRONG.

such excuisite food has to be consumed with style and elegance.

family photos

tim doing what he does best.

uncle tom impressing the youth.

mother finds a seat.

family photos

family photos

the first time i see winny sporting a tie.

christmas parties give people lamp-hats.

i caught her on camera!

others don't seem to approve of the lamp-hat.

vrijdag 26 december 2008

silent night, holy night

i'm sorry for the silence right now, all the family christmas thing is taking a lot of my time. speaking about family, one of these days i'll probably post a massive load of family pictures no one but my family will care about (believe me, the aesthetic level of them is surprisingly low. it's hard to take good pictures, engage in conversations and eat chips all at once)

i will post them here since it's easier than e-mailing everyone. pure laziness.

merry (late) christmas everyone!

zaterdag 20 december 2008

it's a mess.

after three days of working on my christmas presents, here's what my room looks like:


vrijdag 19 december 2008


since no one in my family cares enough to read this blog (boo hoo, just kidding, they don't know about it) i will be able to post some of the christmas presents i make them:

wendy the bird, for my stepsister: i found the pattern here.

i found a pattern for an owl on the same site, which ended up like this, for my mother:

the stitching on the seams is still a bit wonky, but i like how he turned out in the end. then i made my stepsister a bracelet (out of an old shirtcuff, decorated with some leftover fabric):

don't mind the writing on my hand, it was a reminder so i wouldn't forget i had to go teaching.

that's all for now, i have to make four more presents for the rest of my family... busy days coming!

woensdag 17 december 2008

a little something

there's a lack of drawings on this weblog lately, due to all the work i had to finish for school... when i have the money to get it copied on a better size, there's a short comic coming up, based on the song 'karma police' by radiohead. until then, here's a small drawing i did a few months ago. it's based on a picture of zach condon, also known as beirut:

dinsdag 16 december 2008

a brand at petrol

they are a bit late (the concert was over a week ago) but i've been very busy...

a brand at petrol

maandag 8 december 2008

malibu stacy @ petrol

me and dorien made animals out of marzipan, including this penguin, that was used during one song in the show.