zaterdag 29 november 2008

moving pictures

well, i used to make my photos with the good old nikon D50, but it got stolen on a crowded subway in barcelona. i then got hold of my father's nikon D100 until i'd have the cash to buy a new camera. hard times, the camera was completely worn out (the shutter went very slow and both the lenses were messed up.) and then i finally got a new camera, the lovely nikon D90. i haven't found anything i dont like about it yet... anyway, the camera has a liveview option so you get a reflexcamera you can film with and yadda yadda yadda. here is the first video i ever made, it's mister pascal deweze (known from sukilove and other projects) singing 'needle in the hay' at the elliot smith tribute show on october 23d.

vrijdag 28 november 2008

retirement home

we went back to the retirement home to make some more drawings today. i deided i'd spend more time on each one, using tones and a bit of color instead of doing those five-minute sketches in pentel brushes. here's one of the ladies i drew in the cafetaria:

woensdag 26 november 2008


this is probably the creepiest thing i've drawn in ages. i was in class, waiting for the teacher to discuss my works, when the doodle of a litle girl came up. then i started drawing a wolf, that eventually became a man wearing a wolfmask. i added the background later that night.

dinsdag 25 november 2008


as an assignment for our illustration class, we have to make a postcard every week, about something that happened (in our personal life or in the news)

mine are usually about concerts i've been to, here are a few:

zondag 23 november 2008

fleet foxes: Ancienne Belgique

if they don't allow cameras, i'll find my own way to get a visual souvenir.

it was a great show in any way. if you ever get the chance to see this band live, do so!

retirement home

we went sketching in a retirement home with school.


i've revently started to use a needle and colored thread again to decorate things... hope to get better at it soon.

colibris on an old jacket.

red bird on the backpocket of my jeans.


a skirt i made out of four old napkins. my mom laughed when she saw it.

the first thing i ever made on my sewing machine: a red polka dotted top.

the second project: a dress out of an old kimono.

de Nachten: mauro pawlowski

de Nachten: mauro pawlowski

elliott smith tribute show:


the hickey underworld

concert photography

concert photography is something i only started doing a few years ago, but i love it a lot. when there is a free concert or a small show, good chance i'll have my camera with me. i love doing it because it's such a challenge, not just technical (darkness, moving subjects): capturing the mood of a concert (all about movement and sound) in a silent and still image is not always easy.

i'll post a few photos of the concerts i've seen lately.

a few musicians

here are a few drawings of musicians i did over the years:

hello people

this is just a short introduction to tell you about who i am and what i do. i'm nineteen years old and study illustration at sint lucas in antwerp. apart from drawing, i like to keep myself busy with sewing and making pictures. so now i figured it was about time i'd find a way to share all these projects with the outside world. enjoy!