donderdag 16 december 2010


the third message in one day, and it's a short one. my decemberists video was featured as video of the day on a really nice guy's blog, fuppets. you can read the post here but it's definitely worth to check out the rest!

christophe vekeman

our first illustration assignment of the year was about the belgian writer christophe vekeman. we had to give our own interpretation of his work. i chose to work about his book '49 manieren om de dag door te komen' ('49 ways to make it through the day') since i kind of liked the themes of loneliness and budding insanity. i mainly wanted to create a lonely and silent atmosphere by drawing locations from the story right after or right before something had happened there.

wow, an update!

it's been a very long time since i last posted something, mainly because school started and most of my assignments were the long kind, that take a few months to finish.

this is something i made for a video editing class, maybe you remember the images from this book i made last year... i finally found the time to make it into a short movie, something i had planned to do all along!

you can watch the video here, since youtube cuts half of it off when i try to post it...

some parts of the video aren't dynamic enough for me, but that's mainly because i did it all by myself-starting the music, starting the camera and doing all the movement!