zaterdag 17 juli 2010

stuff i sell!

it's been an awfully long time since i posted anything, but i've been working on projects for a long time so i didn't really have anything to show...

now i am showing you things, and i'm even selling them! i'm talking about all this:

two books:

'wonder' about a day in a city that ends with a party. this is basically my final project for school, minus the text. the book measures about 13,5 cm x 19 cm when closed, 10 spreads, handmade, printed on high quality paper, numbered and signed. limited print of five books.


€ 15 + postage and packaging

'lost at sea' about a girl waiting for her lost lover to come back. based on the song by the decemberists. book contains only images and no text. it measures about 13,5 cm x 19 cm when closed, 9 spreads, printed on high quality paper, handmade and signed. limited print of five books.

€ 15 + postage and packaging

four classic brown frames with an original papercut piece in them. smaller pictures (the pipe smoker and the music girl) measure 9x 13 cm. the larger ones (boy with dog and man with cat) measure 10 x 15 cm. signed on the back of the picture.

€ 25 + postage and packaging


i also made prints out of the four pictures. they are all the same size (10 x 15 cm) and printed on high quality paper in a limited series of five. every print is signed and numbered by me. the size fits a regular frame.

€ 2 + postage and packaging


if you are interested in purchasing one of these items, you can send an e-mail to: and we will discuss payment and postage. hope to hear from you soon!

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