zaterdag 1 mei 2010

johnnie ray

i've had a signed photograph from johnnie ray on my wall for a while.

and then i heard him on the radio one morning.

so i thought he deserved a postcard.

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Rob Instigator zei

My painting teacher at Univ. of Houston told us all about Johnny ray one day. She used to be a can-can dancer in a revue that traveleed Europe just after WWII and she said he had all sorts of sappy songs about sad clouds and such.

Anneke zei

that's so cool.

i found the picture in a pile of pictures i got from my deceased aunt. there were a few signed pictures from actors and actresses, and this one. i put up a lot of her old family pics and postcards a while ago, it looks quite nice!

Deka zei

cool poster :)

Anneke zei

it's more a postcard, but thanks a lot!

maybe i'll make it into a poster once. the original is quite small though.