dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

awkward self-portrait # 259

mathias yelled "edward scissorhands!" as soon as he saw this, and i agree to a certain point (it's the black turtleneck sweater) but i kind of like how this turned out..

6 opmerkingen:

jangojim zei


yep, see the point :)
although you look pretty male here I have to agree it is indeed a nice portrait, I see subtle hints of you.

Anneke zei

i should draw tiny white tits on the black sweater.

jangojim zei

why tiny ? :)

Anneke zei

because gigantic balloon boobs don't match the composition.

jangojim zei

hahaha, I puked tea on my computer screen :)

Mathias zei

Me too zeg!