vrijdag 19 december 2008


since no one in my family cares enough to read this blog (boo hoo, just kidding, they don't know about it) i will be able to post some of the christmas presents i make them:

wendy the bird, for my stepsister: i found the pattern here.

i found a pattern for an owl on the same site, which ended up like this, for my mother:

the stitching on the seams is still a bit wonky, but i like how he turned out in the end. then i made my stepsister a bracelet (out of an old shirtcuff, decorated with some leftover fabric):

don't mind the writing on my hand, it was a reminder so i wouldn't forget i had to go teaching.

that's all for now, i have to make four more presents for the rest of my family... busy days coming!

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